Thursday, February 9, 2012

SCAL2 & CCR Who Knew?

When I downloaded SCAL a few years ago, I was so happy with it. I used it more than I used my carts. I loved the idea of creating my own designs.  When I updated to SCAL2, I was even happier. It was much better than SCAL1. Then I heard about the Provo craft lawsuit… YIKES! Drama in the Crafting world was unexpected.  So, fearing losing SCAL2 I never updated my Cricut Expression.

When I heard about Cricut Craft Room, I searched and searched for information regarding using SCAL2 & CCR.  I was afraid that I was going to lose SCAL if I downloaded CCR so I never did it.  When I got my Imagine for Christmas I did not really enjoy it.  I felt limited.  My husband even asked my why I did not use it. I realized that it was because I was too used to creating on my computer.  
On Super Bowl weekend, I told my husband that I was going to craft and I will only leave my craft room when I needed a refill on wings and pizza.  This is when I downloaded CCR and updated my Imagine.  All went well with the updates and downloads.  So, I played with CCR and really fell in love with it.
Today… I plugged in my E and guess what? I cut with SCAL2!
In conclusion, I have both CCR and SCAL2 on my PC and I can use both of them, however, SCAL2 will only cut with the E and CCR will only cut with Imagine.  That is exactly how I wanted it!
Sorry for the long post, I just hope this helps someone!
Have a great day Crafty Crafters J


  1. I already had the cricut expression that I use with my Scal2 and won't ever update it.
    I bought the new cricut expression 2 which can't be used with Scal only with the CCR, sooo I too have both on my P.C. and can pick and choose what I want to cut! LOVE it!

  2. I am happy you are happy! :) I am thinking about buying the smaller Expression, but I have heard about eclips. I am not sure what will be my next machine but I cannot wait to get it! I want the mini E to use with CCR.